Damaged Goods


“And hope does not put us to shame, because God’s Love has been poured out into our hearts  through The Holy Spirit, who has been given to us.”– Romans 5:5

When you think something is already damaged goods, you treat it badly.

When you break it, you don’t care. When you think it’s finished, you drop it immediately. And even if it still functional, you continue abusing it because you think it’s damaged goods.

For example:

My phone after awhile, started freezing up. It frustrated me so much, at times I would throw it. Then one day, I dropped it, and the screen cracked. Well, after that, everytime it fell, I left it on the floor. And did not care when it fell. I think I abused it even more, after the screen cracked, because I felt it was already broken. It was already damaged goods.

When we think we are just damaged goods, we feel there is no hope for us.

We feel like we are failures.

And inevitably, we begin to hate ourselves.

And we think we are worthless.

When we think like this we begin to treat ourselves and every area of our lives as meaningless.

We begin to mistreat body. 

Feed it anything…

Wear whatever clothes we can find…

Sleep with whoever we want to sleep with…

We don’t think we’re worthy of good friends.

So, we hang out with whoever we want to hang out with.

We treat those who love us with disdain. And hurt all those who loves us..push them away.

Why would you love me? Don’t you know I am damaged goods?

We abuse the blessings God gives us.

It may be a well paying job that your family and family in Christ prayed for.

But you sabtage it by treating everyone like dirt, coming in late, and not keeping your word.  If you have a deadline at work, so what? Why should I even try, can’t they see I will fail anyway?

Maybe at school…

You purposely don’t study or turn in assignments late because you feel like a loser…


Even the gifts and supply God gives you, you botch it.

Spend money where you want. Give to the church, yeah right!

I can never be blessed anyway, so why give? I might as well use my money where I know I can get what I want when I want it.


I have messed up too much.

I have failed God too much.

Why would He want to bless me?

I am already damaged goods.

Maybe you feel like this because of things that happened to you in the past.

Maybe you endured the affliction or pain of abandonment.

Maybe you suffered the pain or shame of divorce,





In your life.

Sigh…. Life.

It just may have not turned out the way you expected it to.

You have cried out to God and it seems like he did not hear you.

Therefore, you moved on with your life,still holding onto the pain, shame and hurt, thinking: maybe God does not want to hear from me.

Maybe it is too late for me.

Maybe I am damaged goods.

Those are lies from the very pit of hell.
Lie: Your worthless.

Lie: You will never amount to anything.

Lie: God can not use you because you have done to many bad things.

Lie: There is no point in praying, giving, being faithful to God because He will never accept it because you are terrible person.

Lie: You don’t deserve good things because you are a horrible person.

Lie: God can not love you because your a terrible person.

Truth: God loves us. He made us in His image. He sent His Son to die on the cross as a sacrifice for our sins. Therefore confirming our worth.

Look at your price tag! What it cost God the Father to buy you back? His death.

Truth: Satan does not want you to know that. That’s why he does everything he can stop you from realizing God’s goodness toward you by condemning you. Replaying your mistakes. Telling you the lies written above so you can never accept God’s righteousness and recieve Christ sacrifice for you.

Truth: We become good.


Accepting Christ sacrifice for your sins, and accepting Him as Lord and Savior, you take on His right standing with God as your own, because you have humbled yourself and acknowledge Ed and accepted The Father’s solution to our sins.

And you re enter a relationship with The Father, re enter the family of God and become his child.
For some of us we believe it is most to good to be true.

We feel like we don’t deserve it, and that maybe we should work for it. That way we may feel like we deserve it more.

For others it is pride.

We don’t want to accept God’s goodness.

We want to be good in our own way. We want to work for it so we do not feel like we owe anyone anything.

I would say, that all pride is insecurity, and when we allow insecurities to expand the holes in our hearts from past wounds, or failures, we seek to find something to cover it. And most of the time, pride, the things that we lift up, or people we put down, to make us feel better about ourselves becomes the deception we use to “protect” our broken, cracked, scarred heart from God’s healing power that could potentially reveal the dark secrets of the past, and sins of ourselves and others we are too ashamed to visit again.

The good thing is:
All can be healed in the Presence of Jesus.

God is near those of contrite Spirit (Psalm 37:

God heals the broken hearts (Psalm 147:3).

Binds up those wounds.

Even if you think you are damaged goods and it’s too late for God to heal you or fix the circums.

 Think again.

God is the Master Restorer And has a perfect plan in place to heal and bring you to complete wholeness.

But you, we, got to let God in and give Him the opportunity to fill all our cracks, scars and wounds with the salve of His Deep Love.

God will heal you, you just have to give Him room to do so.

Let go. And give God your heart.

Let go and stop holding on to your hurt. Let God come in and heal you.

But God demonstrates His own Love for us in this: while we were yet sinners Christ died for us.” –Romans 5:8
The only way you can be restored is giving God it all, for He is the one who sees all things, and will restore your broken life.

And fill all the emptiness and loneliness and pain with His abundant grace, forgiveness, faith and hope.

When we get to a place of brokenness, and acknowledgment, that we can not do it alone, and we can not save ourselves, that we desperately need help from Our Creator;  we can then open our hearts to accept Christ sacrifice, Christ love for us, and ask God to heal us of our broken hearts, and insecurities so we can experience The Love of God in its fullness.

And the Light of Christ Shine in its brilliance, in us, before us and through us so others can see His Love too.

Yes, grasping and holding unto your self worth, giving God the broken pieces so He can make you into a glorious, new creation. That is when we can begin to treat ourselves, others, and the precious things God gives us with the respect they deserve.

Because we now understand we are bought with a price.

The Blood of His Son, Jesus Christ.

Praise God for His Faithful Love toward us.

God, help me to not only recognize, but honor and accept Christ sacrifice for me. I pray for my spiritual eyes to open so I can recieve in abundance Your Faithful Love toward me.

Thank you Father God.

In Your name I pray,

Become acquainted with Psalm 139 & Romans 5:1-11. It will help you see God’s Love for you and your value to Him.

Love you dearly sisters and brothers,

God’s got wonderful plans for you, so don’t give up on Him.



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