Where the Heart Is


A few nights ago I was watching “The Wiz”. It is a musical based on the novel written by  L. Frank Baum, The Wizard of Oz, a fantasy story about a young girl named Dorothy, trying to find her way home.

I always wanted to watch the movie all the way through, but I could never get a chance too until now. I sang, nodded, laughed, awwed and almost cried to the enduring, characters of The Wiz.

Then, the finale. The song, powerfully delivered by Diana Ross, “Home”

It was what I was anticipating the entire movie.

The words almost coming from the depths of my very core, speaking the words of my heart. 

My family and I have been in a very peculiar, uncomfortable, and trying period.

Our financial and housing situation has not been secure for the past 18 months. (I could say longer than that, but as a kid, I was never aware of the magnitude of our suffering and problems.)

Money helps you find a stable place to live…You know?

God has been faithful to me. To my whole family, really. And I understand the purpose of this suffering is for my and my family’s refinement and strengthening of our faith as Christ followers.

But I still kept thinking and dreaming of finally going home. Because I was very lonesome for home. A place where I could feel settled, safe, secure. Comforted. A place where I can find shelter from the storm. A place where I could sleep in peace knowing that I will not be moved. A place of stability.

Not..”Oh, we have to move out because we couldn’t pay  rent” or “we have to find another place because  the lease is over.” 

No, no, no.

A place that we can build, without the risk of picking up and starting all over again.

A place where I could call our own.

A place where I will find laughter, joy, harmony.

A place where I know I can be free.

We all are in search of home.

A place we can call home.

But I have found, in this season of my life, that home is not a place.

Or a feeling.

It is a Person.


He is not only the Way to our Heavenly Home.

He is the place where we find refuge.

He is our anchor in the storm.

He is our ever present help.

 He is our Great Lover of our Soul.

Jesus is the Way to get home to the Father. And the concrete evidence of our faith in God now.

Because we live in an ever changing world, full of shifting times and seasons we can rest in the truth.
The truth is: God is for us, He cares for us, and loves us.  And He gave up His Son as a sacrifice for our sins, so, when we put our whole faith and trust in Jesus and what He has done for us, we will live in the security that we will be saved in this life from sin, death and hell.
He is the anchor which we lie and rest in. The place where your soul can take refuge in.

“But I have found, in this season of my life, that home is not a place. It’s a Person.”

We can be assured that no matter occurs in our lives, our whatever happens to us, we have a home that is eternal in Heaven. AND a place where can, right now , walk through life, with our spirit and soul, completely taking courage and comfort in sanctity of the sacrifice given to us on the cross by Jesus Christ, The Lord and Savior.

Being uprooted and planted elsewhere because you could not pay the bills can be devastating and quite traumatizing. But God is good and faithful. Even if He allows things, God is still God over our lives. God still continues to sit on the throne. God is still God of my heart and soul.

God is still a God of miracles.

You could have been evicted twice from your home.

You could be selling your family home. Wondering if things could be the same.

You could have lost everything in a fire…And everything you have accumulated and cared for and worked hard for is gone.

You could be making a brand new start, in a new city with none of the familiarities of home.

I just want to encourage you…

Home is where there heart is.

And Jesus, says, where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.

Yes, our physical homes whether it be a condo, a ranch, a manison an apartment, God knows is important to us. God knows we treasure these places because we have grown, raised children and found memories to make.

But God wants you and I to realize that we have a more sure and stable home we can rely on. All these places are temporary, and can be destroyed, but God’s never failing, all sufficient grace continues to keep us grounded in understanding Who God is and Who He is to us.

Let go of the things that will not last. Let go of attaching your heart to things that don’t matter in eternity.

Let your treasure be in Heaven with Jesus.

Let the treasure of your heart be God, His Son and His Precious Holy Spirit.

Let your heart continue to stay with God and His Spirit in Heaven.

Let your heart and soul be anchored in the truth of Christ and steadfastness of His Loving Nature toward you.

As long as you keep your heart fixed on Him, God will bring you to your final Heavenly Home and keep you secure and rest assured in Him until you come appointed destination.

God understands that there sre times were going to be lonesome, confused, with seasons of wandering, stumbling, looking, searching for home.

God knows. He understands.

But He has given us assurance that we can have hope for.

A city not made with man hands, but with Heavenly (Hebrews 11).

Home is where the heart is.

(A place where even the Giants of the Faith, as we call them, looked forward .)

God has created a Heavenly home for us, a place of comfort, joy, a place we can be, simply, completely me. Home.

A place where we can be,

A place  we can stay,


No worries about if I can play the rent, or mortgage. No fears or anxieties about paying the light or water bill.

No pain over the loss of a house.

Because we find rest in a place of solitude where God is and Jesus.

Home is the Father. The Creator and Maker if all things, that gives us joy, rest and peace to lie in. This is confirmed with the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, His Son.

Yes, it takes great faith to believe God for the hope of Heaven–your future, eternal Home.

And it takes great faith to continue staying in Christ, even as the storms of life try to evict you from your assurance and faith in Him. Even as the world and all its trials and fleeting pleasures try to replace the treasure of our hearts and souls.

As long as we continue letting our hearts to stay connected to Him, focused on Him, not letting anything come in between His great big love for us, and our great big love for Him, when we continue resting in Him, we can experience the beginning of Heaven here on this Earth.

A place where we experience God’s refuge,






And love overflowing.

May God continue to lavish and pour His Love out unto you. And I pray you would keep resting in God and our Lord Jesus Christ so you will be with Him.

Both now

And forever.

I love you and may God bless you,

Have a wonderful weekend.

(Read Psalm 121 and Psalm 23. It will remind you of God’s place of habitation for you and His careful watch over you and I daily. )


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