“What can separate us from the love of Christ?”– Romans 8:35

Don’t ever be afraid to come to The Lord Jesus Christ. He is your friend. Come to Him with your issues. Come to Him in your despair. He loves you deeply. “Nothing will be able to separate you from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.” (Romans 8:39, NIV).

Ask Him into your life.

Ask Him into your heart. He will come and do a new thing in your life and come to your rescue.

Come to Christ.

He will make you new.

Come to Christ. He will save you.

Jesus died on your behalf so you would have new life in Him. Think on this as you walk through the day we call: Good Friday. It is good, very good, to know that I now can become new–clean in God’s eyes. My sins, past, present, future have been washed away because Christ blood was shed to wash away ALL of my sins.

God loves you.

And in Jesus, will set you free.

God bless you all.

Good morning or good night.


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