Sweet Endings


“Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us,

Unto him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus throughout all ages, world without end. Amen.”–Ephesians 3:20

I was mixing a drink two days ago.
No, not that kind of drink. A raspberry- lemonade-flavored-water mix. Kind of like a healthier form of a Koolaid.

I took this tiny packet of raspberry lemonade flavoring, ripped off the top, poured the powdery goodness in my green coffee mug full of water (because I was getting bored of the lemon-water I was drinking for the past couple of days).
I closed the top of my mug, shook real hard, and creating lemon water stains on the counter and my hands, started to drink.
Guh….it was bitter.
You could taste the ice, the lemon, but the sweet raspberry goodness was nowhere to be found. Irritated, I succumbed to its taste, and just kept sipping, writing my blog, till I got to the end.

Umm, it was getting good
. The bitterness was fading, and the cool tender sweetness of the drink began to settle. I could actually taste the good drink I had prepared. I finally got to the sweet end.

I could say the the same about life.
What a difficult year this was. Spiritually, physically, financially, emotionally. Spiritually, I battled with waiting, and receiving God’s promises to me. Physically, I struggled with putting down my flesh and its affections. Coming to terms with the truths of life and why its important to take control over my body. Completely redefining self control.
Emotionally I struggled with self esteem, self worth, and identity.
Financially...oh financially…
I was wondering why was I always in the red, even after giving so much?

God has brought me through..test after test.
God sent me through, or allowed certain obstacles to come before me again, so that this time around, I would perfect the character and integrity He had already placed in me.

I have overcome. I have triumphed greatly through using His Word, and the ever present power of His Spirit.
God has shown me: He is truly faithful.
He is truly merciful
He is really magnificent.
He is really God.
I know now, God is God.
He is very real.
And He really cares about me and every detail of my life.
And no one can tell me otherwise.
You know when the clock counted down the New Year for 2016, I asked the Lord two major things:
One–greater intimacy with Him and the Lord Jesus.
And two–that this time, after 2015 of me stepping out in faith seemed to be a debacle, that God, My Father, this time, that I would go through and pass every single obstacle and test that comes my way….successfully.
God has not only answered these two prayers, but God has given me the victory in all the obstacles I faced this past year.
God gave me the honor and privilege to connect supernaturally with other women who were in my calling.
God honored me with a fresh revelation of who He created me to be and a new calling.
God gave me insight into my gifting, and what He can do within me and through me, if I allow Him.
God confirmed His purposes in me.
Physically– I accomplished my goal of 1,500 jumps a day. I have become stronger in my physical body–I have greater endurance and balance because of it. And I think the Lord purposefully impressed on my heart to start jumping rope because it translated into my spiritual life. God has not only caused me to be persistent, and patient, in obtaining His Promises, but strength to endure pain in my spiritual walk with Him, and patiently go through the trial and finish my course.
Emotionally–I realized I try to give away too much of my heart with no boundaries. There is a time for everything–including who you show your affection too. The good thing is I have begun to embrace the heart of compassion Christ has given me.
God revealed to me I was saying “sorry” in my relationships, and within my interactions with people. It revealed that shame over who I was, what I have done, and thought I was not, still lingered in my heart. And it had to go. For it would inevitably affect the way I received from Him.
I had to be retaught about my worth and value. God had to teach me again about who I was and whose I was. A Daughter of The King, The King Most High, who loved me and gave His Life for me. I am worth more than all the riches in the world. I have the Spirit of the Most High living in me. God loves me. I have nothing to be sorry about. God had to teach me, I have His DNA in me, I have His Spirit living inside me. His purposes are greater than I could even presently imagine. He has something greater for me in store. I have to stop looking down on myself. Stop accepting lies and receive the truth of who I really am–in Him.
Financially– I was tempted to turn bitter and still give and obey–but with a callous attitude. When He revealed to me the truth about giving–how you are more blessed to give than to receive–I was eager to share, and sow into people’s lives. I became a wiser giver. I was more generous and contentiousness about being a excellent, faithful steward of my time, gifts, and money. I gave my own gifts away to people I believed God had placed in my heart, mind, and life to bless. I shared more. Cared more for others–wisely, with discretion and specifics. I spent more time with people I usually would not even bother to mingle with. Layers of pride, had fallen, and I began to see the love of Christ demonstrated in me in more tangible ways. I now have a strong fervent desire to give away and bless people with my spiritual and physical wealth and riches.
And, in response, the Lord gave me more opportunities on my job to earn money AND training to fulfill my call. And for me, more and more opportunities to share Christ to the community of people He has placed me in.
Spiritually--I have grown. The seeds of greatness Christ planted inside me when I began this journey with Him of refinement, pruning, and revival in 2014.  I can physically feel these trees of grace, power, wisdom and authority sprout and bloom within me. And I have given the fruit of this grace to others going through a similar journey, or who are about to enter it.
God has given me the honor and privilege to know Him more. He has revealed more of Himself to me. More of the future to me.
He has given me the privilege of getting to see the glory of His Power, His Might, His Consistency, His Presence, His Constant Help in the little things–and big obstacles in my life.

It became bitter…the burden of God’s calling, the reality of His Word toward me and others, the constraints and dilemmas I had to endure to grow through and learn in this season.

But it was for my good.

Yes, I have had great challenges. Great ups and downs. But God has given me a sure word for this year, I continually stand on…and know now to be so true:
I AM is faithful.

He is.
And He proves it more as we go through the wilderness.

 God is bringing me to the sweet part.

Though I do not see it yet, by His Spirit, I can feel it–it’s coming. It’s here. It’s on its way. I have never been in greater expectation for good than ever before in my life.
God has promised me some things. And though I am not in the end of my life, God promised me and expected end–and that includes an expected end to this season of testing and trials.
We are coming into the sweet part. Even though God has declared it from the very beginning of time, prosperity: spiritually, physically, emotionally, and financially for His people is here. We are stepping into a new era, a new time, a new year of manifested promises and miracles.

God has given me this Word for 2017:

“The righteous shall grow like a palm tree, we shall grow like a cedar in Lebanon….”

I feel like many things we have asked of God, many promises have been held back, but He is going to release them in 2017.

 let go, forget the past, forget yesterday. And forgive. Put it behind you. Let go of 2016. It was a hard year, but God did His Work, and developed our faith so we could not only be able to receive, but partake in His blessings so we can share it with others.

A bitter beginning, but a sweet end is here.

Get ready. Get ready to receive it.
God bless you,
God loves you.
My prayer is that you would remember the pain of 2016 no more. That you forget what is behind you, but you “press on toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.”(Philippians 3:13-14).
And receive what Christ the King has given you and stored up for you this year.
May God continually bless you children of The King.
Get ready for the end of this season of constant trials, and open your heart to become alive to God in this season of abundant blessings.

Happy New Year!
Grace Child

*Written in 2016 for New Year’s*


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