In the Name of Love….

“By blood, I am Albanian. By citizenship, an Indian. By faith, I am a Catholic nun. As to my calling, I belong to the world. As to my heart, I belong entirely to the Heart of Jesus.”--Mother Teresa

There are many names we can call Mother Teresa.

A woman.

A saint.

A nun.

A humanitarian.

A Nobel Peace prize winner.

But most of all, Mother Teresa was a servant. She gave her life willingly to serve the poorest of the poor in one of the nation of India’s worst slum–Calcutta.

I watched a film a few weeks ago called “The Letters” (2014). And this film revealed so much of her journey to becoming a humanitarian and her daily life of faith. She lived a life of simplicity and servitude. A life filled with longing, loneliness…grief..extreme anxiety..and condemnation..but love toward the poorest of the poor.

The unwanted.

The margalinized.

The abandoned.

The despaired.

She loved the “unlovable”.

But why?

Out of her deep devotion to The Lord Jesus.

I learned through Mother Teresa life that we are to extend our hands to the poorest of the poor. Not only those poor of Earth’s treasures…but poor in spirit, in the soul, in the mind.

I learned that even out of your own life of loneliness and heartache you can still find the courage in God to love others. This love overcomes even the pain of your own insecurities.

I learned, in essence, that out of love for God you serve others.

God showed this example for us so we would know Who to follow.

The LORD serves us as He sent Jesus, the precious lamb of God to save us.

He gave His Son to serve us in the earth, by healing, encouraging and making disciples of all men who came to Him in faith.

The LORD served us and still serves us as His Precious Holy Spirit has taken residence in us, filled us, leading and guiding us into all truth.

He serves us by providing for us from the wealth of spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical abundance He poessesses.


When we enter eternity with Him, He will still serve us.

(We must remember, however, God serves man but is not a servant to man.)

Serving God is the utmost act of love.

But there are things, heart issuses, that prevents me from loving and allowing The Love of God flow out of me:

People hurt you, so you create barriers to protect you from that hurt again.

You disappoint yourself, and you distance yourself from loving others because you feel that no one one will ever want to get to know the real you because you feel that you are no good.

Satan lies to you through other people’s actions, and your own mind, and that causes you to create negative barriers around your heart–preventing you from loving others with the love of God freely.

The truth is:

“Those boundaries are created and walls were created because of what you allowed to be created as a result of other people’s actions. When are you going to let of of the past and keep those stupid people from keeping you in prison? When are you going to decide to let go of what these people did?”–Pastor MiChelle Ferguson

How can we allow God to heal us if we are not willing to acknowledge the hardness of the walls and barriers that have taken root in our hearts?

We must acknowledge the pain, and hurt that has happened to us–and be willing to give it to God, so we can be finally free to serve Him and others the way it was intended to be.

Mother Teresa lived her life with serving others, despite her anxiety and fear. Her example, along with the Son of God, can give us a picture of what it means to serve others in devotion to God.

Serving God is the utmost act of love.

God loves you.

His grace will wash over you and overcome the mistakes of the past.

His Love will take over your pain and heal you irrevocably.

His Love has the power and will restore your soul.

So, love. In the Name of Love. In the Name of the One Who is the Embodiment of Love. Love. Love deeply. And serve with an open, abandoned heart so you will grow closer to Christ and become more like Him.

And spread His Love all over your world.

I pray His Love fill you all and all,


I encourage you to read Psalm 23–it will help you find the love of the Savior and receive it through your daily journey.


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