Closer. Deeper. Nearer


“Thou hast made us for thyself, O Lord, and our heart is restless until it finds its rest in thee.”–Augustine of Hippo

Is the relationship of the head or the heart? 

God desires a deeper relationship than we are ready for.
The level of trust and intimacy depends on self revelation.
God always takes the initiative. Even when we are not trustworthy, He still loves and draws, and reaches out to us.

Dear ones, “God is not looking for robots or slaves, He is looking for friends”. — John E Thomas
God loves you and wants to get to know you. But he is not going to force Himself​ on you. Give Him the opportunity to come in.
If you want Him to come into your life, welcome Him in. He is waiting for you to. Ask God to reveal Himself to you.
He will. Jesus is The Son of God and is the way to God. When you accept Jesus, you are accepting God’s perfect sacrifice for your life. You inevitably are saying yes to God.

Yes to God’s salvation.

Yes to God’s Plan.

Yes to God Son.

Yes to God’s Love for you.

So ask. Believe. Receive God’s forgiving grace and love toward you.

I know I would be helplessly lost if it were not for God’s merciful love around me, going before me and with me. It can be hard when we can’t see Him…but we can see His love demonstrated through the death and glory of His Son rising again.
God wants you to know Him more, but only if you welcome Him in.

God loves you. Draw closer, grow deeper, so we can become so close to Him, so near to Him that we can hear His breath. So close that we can live in Him and become one with Him.  It is possible. It is actually what God desires for you and I.

When we are in Him, we find the rest, comfort, satisfaction, and unconditional love we have been continually searching for.

God, I need you. I love you. God, I really want to get to know you more.  I just ask you to give me the grace and peace to come to know you in a deeper way. There are so many barriers, distractions that can prevent me from receiving from you. I ask you that all these things be cut off, broken down in Jesus name. All of my insecurities, pain and grief from my past be forgiven and healed by You.  I ask you for forgiveness, and God, I pray for peace so we can become closer together.  I draw near to you, so you may draw near to me. I give you all of me, and I thank you God as I become closer to you and we form a more intimate, giving, freeing, healing relationship, others will see You in me and want to know you as their friend too.

In Jesus Christ Name I pray,


Have a glorious weekend asking, listening and drawing closer to God.

He loves you,



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