More Blessed to Give


You can not give until you can learn how to receive. This is something I have come to understand now more and more in this season of my life. I can be a little difficult when receiving gifts, or help, from…well anybody. The good thing is, He has given me the opportunity in this season, not only to inspire and encourage others with hugs and words, but to get into the attitude and heart of knowing Him and receiving His Love and blessings. How God chooses to do that is entirely up to Him. 

The first step I found that I had to do was  rest in Him–in His capabilities, His power, not my own. “To be still and know He is God.” (Psalm 46:10).

 The second step is giving God the room to completely heal and fill me with comfort me, truth and correction so that I can become all He has created me to be. This can only happen by releasing what I can’t do, and give God the opportunity to help me during time with Him (in prayer) and through other people. He has given me the strength to humble myself. He is breaking off the pride. He has given me the courage to my open my mouth–confess my faults, my problems, my crisis, unabashed, unashamed to disclose my heartache and the test I am in. So that I may give into the love, support and fellowship God knew I needed to go through and GROW through this season. Whether your the giver, or your the receiver, learning to receive, learning to accept God’s love to you through other people or simply struggling to believe, He wants you healed, He wants you whole and He wants you to be set free.  You can only be this if you can receive. He gave His Son, so that you will believe (John 3:16). He gave you and I His only Son, Jesus, so that we will receive a new life in Him.

I love you all. I wrote this Christmas Eve 2016, but it is good for us to read it again today:

Here it is: “More Blessed to Give”

“In all things I have shown you that by working hard in this way we must help the weak and remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he himself said, “It is more blessed to give than recieve.”–Acts 20:35, ESV

I think one of the most valuable lessons that I have learned during this season of my life is the joy of giving. God has given me so many beautiful memories, and gifts during this holiday season–more than I could even imagine….
Giftcards from co-workers, parents….even the children I serve.
Gifts of kindness all around that I never expected to surround the end of December.
It has been a long road, and yet I feel like I am not the only one who has gotten sick of the trials, troubles, problems, concern, failures, shortcomings, lack of inertia, and strife of this year—eager and humbled to enter a fresh, clean slate.
But I am reminded of God’s faithfulness toward me and my family during this season of hardship, inconvience, and glory.
God is good, loved ones.
He is SO GOOD.

Help those who do not know you accept and receive your love. Amen.

And He continues to display and lavish His joy, grace and kindness every day.
God is GOOD. Kind, very sweet, and He ever so gently causes me to be overwhelemed with gratitude for His patient, sincere and effervescent love toward me.

If you are like me, during moments of disappoinment, and weariness, I forget:
God sent His very best gift into the world for you and me.
He kept a Shepherd King, lying in a manger amongst hay, and horse dung, animal smell to become a sacrifice that would bring Salvation and Light to you and I.
God forbid I forget what Christmas is all about.
God wants you and I to understand that regardless of what happens during this season, no matter what we suffer, no matter the trials and obstacles that we may have to face; He is GOOD. And He gave us a gift of Salvation through His Son, The Lord and Savior–Jesus Christ–every day to be thankful and grateful for. We now have peace with Our Creator. We now have an oppurtunity to have a new beginning with The Creator. We can now grow in a deep relationship with Christ. We can now receive a Friend, Comforter, and Teacher, The Holy Spirit. We can now share our life experiences with an adopted family of believers, from different tribes, nations, and tongues. We can now share time and space with The Creator and live out His Purposes on earth into eternity. We can now have new life!
It cost The Father a great deal to give up the Love of Heaven for us, but God did it anyway, because He loves us.
So, therefore, we are to extend that gift to others. We are to serve and give freely to others with love. Because God Our Father did. We are to demonstrate and perform God’s gift and labor of love toward every person God places in our path so we can continue to spead the Kingdom of God.
It is more blessed to give than to recieve.
We can see that by God giving His Son to us, we are now blessed and generations after us will continue to be blessed because God made a decision to give what was most dear to Him! Not only can we be apart of God’s Family–we can freely recieve and freely share God’s gift of salvation and love.
God The Father began the process of giving and it kept going till now, we can continue the blessing by sharing Christ love with others today.
And you know what is wonderful about this?
God is blessed, God is pleased and God is given the glory.
In turn, God blesses us, by blessing Him with us giving to others in love.

Giving takes on several forms: The giving of your time, and labor to encourage, uplift, inspire or just listen to someone is a labor’s of love God still considers to be giving.
Giving of your resources, financially, is a wonderful way you can give into the live of another. And one thing I have particulary noticed about God is that when we are financially struggling the most, He will cause us to give the most.
I am not saying it will not cost you. Again, God the Father gave a precious gem–The Son– to shed His innocent blood for you and I.
The same is true for us. Any gift you give to another will cost you spiritually, physically, financially, one way or another. However, remind yourself, as you spend that dollar, that hour, and etc that God will give you a reward. He will give you a blessing for acting on His Word and giving to another in need.
It is just apart of His Way of doing things. Sowing and reaping. What you put in, you must put out. In the moment, it can be challenging, sometimes painful because it seems like we need that thing, that money, that clothing, that book and etc. But. God gives us the oppurtunity to sow into the lives of others so we can reap a harvest of blessings. It may take some time for us to see and obtain what God has promised–but God will surely bring it to pass (Habbukuk 2:3),

So give. Even when you think you need something–give. Give anyway.
Even when you are going through rough times….give it anyway. When you see a need–give. When you see something you can provide…give. Don’t hold too tightly unto things–God is trying to put new things, new desires, passions, pursuits and yes dreams into your hands. So do not prolong the wait. Do not prolong the process–give, and God will cause you to be more blessed than you could ever imagine. For it is more blessed to give than to recieve (Acts 20:35).
God bless you loved ones.
I know some one is going through a rough time. I am..was….but He is making a way for us. God is making a way for those who have kept staying faithful to Him. Even if you feel like you have not–do not fear. Put your trust back in Him. He will forgive you, keep you, and give you an spectauclar ending that you could have never imagined. I love you so much, God loves you. Take care. Keep standing. Next year is going to be A YEAR OF GREAT REWARD FOR THOSE WHO HAVE BEEN FAITHFUL.

God, we thank you,
I thank you for all You have done.
For giving me Your Son.
Your One and Only Son.
Who, Himself, saw fit to enter a flesh, bone and blood body
To set me free.
God, I thank you

Good night, and Merry Christmas,


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