Free Indeed

Every year now, I go to Word of Faith International Christian Center’s Youth Camp.

This years theme was: “Set Free” based on the scripture John 8:32

Before I knew the name of this years camp, I was already anticipating this years cry would be free, at last. Not only for the youth but God’s children too.

And I am thankful to God that my antipation was met and fulfilled.

Our hearts, taken apart, then put back together again.

By the great grace and mercy of a True God that cares.

We were all prompted to give God our hearts as we confessed our sins and released the shame of the past.

This is a letter to the experience I had at this years youth camp:

Thank you for setting us free God! God has made you for this hour and has supernatural glory awaiting in you.🙌

To see you delivered and set free has caused me to  walk in deeper freedom and liberty.

My soul has been invigorated and humbled by the bravery, boldness and the raw honesty of the youth and the ministers who spoke out powerful messages that stirred hearts and awakened souls to the truth of a life with Christ and one without Him. They gave their hearts to those who needed it most and were fully open to giving testimonies that inadvertently helped several, including myself, break free of the ties, and blindfolds that inhibit our growth and our call into the destiny we have been waiting to fulfill. (Being open and honest gives others the permission to be open and honest themselves).

The youth leaders. I am so humbled by your faithfulness. Your character. Your heart. Your sincerty and selflessness. I am so grateful to God for your leadership and your example of compassion and tender care for each person who was in your presence. The support and intentional encouragement, and early morning laughter sessions, gave me the comfort I needed to keep going through that LONG sleepless week! Haha! 

I love you ALL. And God bless you for everything.😊 God has a reward for your overflowing love and compassion toward His children. I am excited to see the amazing things God has us doing in our new found freedom and I can’t wait to see the new things that are going to be born from our own liberty. 

Till next year, stay free. God has new things awaiting us.💖

For whom the Son sets free is free indeed. 

If Christ sets you free, you’re free indeed.

I love you all, and may God bless you.

Creator, Educator, Writer for Christ.


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