Be You

Let go of the fear of being yourself. YOU as you are. Was

shed blood for.

Blood was shed for the real you.

Not a prototype.

Not a copycat.

No– the real you.

Stop letting Satan steal who you are.

And be the you Jesus fought, bled, died, and rose for.

Be true to yourself.

Be true to who God made you to be.

God, at times I think I need to be someone else for you, others, or myself to love, well, me. I ask you to help me embrace who I am and embrace all you created me to be. Father, heal me from all past wounds that gave me the false impression that I had to be someone I am not to fulfill expectations or fill voids that were created by experiences, people or systems that hurt me or did not understand me. Thank you, God for sending friends, and godly influences my way to bless, help, strengthen and encourage me on the right path to becoming, discovering and embracing all of me that you made.

In Jesus Name I pray,



You are the only YOU in this world. Do the work needed to do all that you can with what God has placed inside of you. God created you and He loves you. Nothing more or less. Just you. And yes, all of you. The good, bad, and ugly. As well as your time, energy, passion, skills, and love should all go to who He made you to be and to God who made all of you. (I don’t want to confuse anyone. God does say that we are born in sin, and salvation is given to us through Jesus.  We must renew our minds, even after we are saved.  So, living in sin, due to the wrong thinking that “God loves me anyway” is not right–nor is it in the Bible. He hates sin. And wants nothing of it near Him, or in you. We are also not to confuse His purification process in us, with His lack of love or acceptance of us. If what we are doing in our life causes us to sin against Him–I would encourage you to pray and ask Him for strength to overcome whatever it is).

This is me after The Blog Boss Experience Workshop downtown. The camaraderie, comfort, wisdom, practical advice and encouragement I received gave me the courage, confidence, resources, tools and direction necessary to be who God made me to be and to do what God has entrusted me to do.

This came to me at the right time. It opened my eyes to what life can be, and the possibilities awaiting me,

And only me.

The real me.

Let us all be free to be ourselves.

Every moment of every day.


God bless you all.

Stay encouraged. For you are uniquely, and wonderfully made.

I love you,



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