You’re Amazing

I stand in awe this week.

Before it begins.

Because no matter what I face

No matter what the enemy of darkness throws my way,

The man on the cross

Criss crossed,

Cut open,




Torn apart on both sides.

Nailed to a cross

Kept on a cross

He was.

For me.


There He is.

Glory shining from His countenance

Clothed in Mighty Power.

Full of Glory.

Arms stretched

Out wide

Calling me to Him.

Smiling at me.

Radiant smile

Just for me

Is in my heart.

Nobody can take this Man,

No one can take This God from my heart.


And nothing



He can’t be stopped

From loving me.

God is so amazing.

The Glory of Your Beauty,

Continues to mesmerize me.

I can’t sometimes understand the length of how good and beautiful You are.

God, I love you. It can’t be stopped.

God, you are so amazing.

God I thank you.

And I love you. I am so glad you call me MINE.

I AM is so GOOD and calls me MINE.

I am glad I can now call You mine.

The Glory of Your Beauty
Continues to mesmerize me.

And I will continue to meditate on Your Beauty.

You’re amazing Presence.

You’re amazing Love.


I thank You LORD.

I love you.


Today, this song continues to ring in my heart. I pray it continues to ring in your heart, from your heart, out of your mouth into this week.

God bless you dear ones.

No matter what you are walking through,

No matter what your dealing with,

No matter your situation,


HE IS with you.

God is going to turn things around for you soon.

And He’s going to make all new.

Just continue walking.

And He will see you through.

God loves you.

Celebrate His Spirit with you, His powerful Grace in you, what He has done for you in the past and what He is doing now, His Wonder, His Glory and His Love for you this week by listening to:

“Amazing” by Ricky Dillard

Be transformed, caught up and mesmerized by God this week remembering all He has done for you.

Expect more.

He will do even more amazing things for you this week.




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