Let There Be Light!

“The Lord perserves the simple.

I was brought low and He helped me”

Psalm 116:6

And light broke forth. Using this picture to reflect my circumstances. It’s going to be like this. When darkness sets in and surrounds me and seems like it keeps weighing around our hope–God steps in and says: “Let there be light!” God let us go forward knowing you have our backs and the battle is not ours, but the Lords.

Feeling it.

But that’s okay.

God has a Word, a testimony in store for me. The testimony shall be: “And light broke forth for Amarachi”

Let this be used to inspire you in whatever dark situation you are going through. Right when things seem like it was going down the tubes, where it seems like there is no hope…at the last second it all may seem lost. BUT your testimony shall be, “and light broke forth for (insert your name).”

Keep standing. Taking the hits with courage, walking through that shadow because it’s just a shadow. It’s all temporary. And it’s going to pass. And keep looking up. God has a great future in store for you! Light is about to break forth from behind those clouds. Let God fight your battles. Let God make you whole..let God do it all.

Let God RESTORE. Let Him make your enemies stumble and fall. Let His vengeance take up for you. Not your own. Let God be God.

He has good plans and thoughts towards you. Plans to prosper you. To give you a hope and expected end. Let’s go into the weekend saying this with me. Let me hear you say with God: Let there be light!”

Meditate on Psalm 116:1-9

To the One Who keeps us from falling and is able to present us blameless in the Presence of His Son. Forever. Thank you God for helping us stand and grow stronger in this time of life. We love you. Amen.

Extra words of encouragement:

God bless you. Let God do it. He is fighting our battles. And look up. God hears you: Light is breaking forth on your behalf.


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