He Remains the Same

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.” – Hebrews 13:8

Have you ever wondered why life seems to never stay the same? I always wanted something to change, until I realized, whenever it came, whatever it was, it never gave me when I expected. That’s why I settled for keeping things as they are.

Hiding thing under the rug.

Holding onto what I knew so I couldn’t be disappointed by what could be.

The truth is, I always wanted change. But-

On my own terms.

In my own way. I use to think that way, till I had some hardships of my own. And I had to really think about what I really wanted. Even in the changes, or rearranges in each season of life there is going to be a moment where you have to think God had to reveal to me that I can’t become who He truly made me to be without first realizing and being tested about who I thought He is.

So, I have concluded. That in every season we call in this life there will always be a welcome from change. But we can’t assume it to force itself on the inner workings of our mind, soul, and spirit, so that we become who God truly made you to be.

Life staying the same? That would be boring right? Nothing that stays the same can effectively grow.

Even through the tests of time,

The failures of mankind,

The victories we have in God.

Even when life keeps changing.

Even when life keeps shifting.

You have this comfort.

Jesus stays the same. Yesterday. Today. And forever.

His Love for you will not change. He keeps you secure. Forever. He can never change His mind about you. He can never let you go. He can never leave you alone. He is always there. He will always be there for you.

He loves you. And He always will. So no one ever likes change. And you will go through seasons of change. Always.


He remains the same.

And even when things change, and it’s confusing, or it hurts, or you may not understand why,

Just don’t forget that The One Who Died on the Cross will not change

He will always be your guide and strength.

And stay loving you,

For all time.

May the God of peace keep you from falling away from the One Who Truly cares for and loves you most. Jesus Himself. Who showed that love through the cross.

God bless you dear ones,

And have a wonderful weekend.



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