Humble Yourself..He Will Lift You Up

Sometimes due to the hectic and crazy nature of life, we find ourselves,



Forgetting whats important.

Moving too fast to see

That we are in need of Him.

Never ceasing to strive for what God has already given us.

And never stopping on time to recognize God’s Wisdom, Understanding, Strengthening Help and Voice wrapped up in one book.

The Bible.

We keep rushing through these times, moments that we are instructed to use carefully to seek, know, and inquire God .

And when we do, we fall into a trap. A trap so vague, subtle and often


Yes. Pride. Something I struggled with in the past. Not knowing your own strengths, the strengths God created, can make you insecure. And therefore, you begin to try to overcompensate with demeaning comments, arrogant and ignorant snubs, walking over people’s feelings, ignoring others viewpoints because they are not suitable to you….thinking you are better than everyone else.

Even if I didn’t say it out loud.

Yeah. It was pride.

Now, God awakens something to me. Something I never realized.

Pride can be outright sneaky, a silent sin, not only the way I expressed it.

But by the way I spent my time.

“We are to take time, to spend time with the Lord”–Empty Vessels.Org

Rushing through our lives, expecting to know or understand everything on our own, not taking time to spend with Him by reading God’s Word, and praying to Him can be and is pride.

We expect God to bless our actions–but if you’re not listening to what God is saying for the day, how will you know?

God desires for us to give Him our hearts, even pour out our hearts in prayer, but God is not a therapist. He is GOD. And He is not supposed to just be your counselor.

He is our Friend, of course.

But God is Lord. And He is the Ruler and Commander of your day.

And because God loves you, He will lead you into the amazing future He planned before the beginning of time.

And sometimes due to pride, constantly thinking we have it all down and we an do it for ourselves and we have it all figured out…gets us in a place where we don’t want to be.

Empty. Wandering.

Wondering where did we go wrong? How did we get here?

Thinking you have it all figured out and you can do life your way, the way you want….

That’s how.

God kept making these things clear to me. That we get so wrapped in our little lives that we become prideful into the thinking we can handle on our own. But we can change our hearts toward God.

Come and spend time with God.

(Don’t can be overwhelming to take on, but I can say, after taking time with God and asking him about your own life, it can be a Spirit filled experience.)

The first part of humbling yourself before God is forgetting who is right and who is wrong. Including yourself. Trust God’s love for you and ask Him to forgive you for all your sins.

Don’t come as a guest.

A guest entrance is special, they come once in awhile, and never stay long…most guest at least. Come before God, open, and anticipating His Heart for you to be the reason why you come. Not the gifts. Not the incentives. Not to fulfill or recieve your own interest.

Come as a son and daughter of a King.

“Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.”-Hebrews 4:16

The King is The Creator of the Universe, yet since you accepted His Son you are now apart of the the family of God.

So come in boldly..not with shame or guilt. No. Let Him bask you with His Love as Your Father.
Don’t come to God bringing ONLY request.

Come ready to listen.

Not to just vent. Or pour your heart and soul out to Him. I am not saying God is not looking to hear about our problems, nor is He blind to it, or averse to hearing us when we cry out to Him.

No, not all.

After all, God is The Father. He is there to heal the broken hearted, bind up wounds and restore our souls.

He said so Himself for us to:

“Cast thy burden upon the Lord, and he shall sustain thee: he shall never suffer the righteous to be moved.” –Psalm 55:22

But if you are coming to just ask God and tell Him your problems…

It’s a pride thing. Because your only focused on yourself and your request and desires.

Come in with faith and expectation.

Come ready to receive from Him.

You need Him to help you. Know God has an answer to every prayer. So come in with your burdens. Cast it on Him. Lay it at His feet, never to return and come before Him and cast all your burdens on Him. He will fill you up again now that you have cast all your burdens on Him. He will fill you up with His Love, making you whole again.

Don’t come as an entitled individual.

Come as a servant.

Come asking:

What can I do for you today, God?How can I serve you today?

He is pleased with such request.

I heard once: God serves man, but is not a servant to man. Ask God now that you want to be a blessing to Him. Just as God is a blessing to you, everyday.

Don’t come in like anyone else.

Come as you are.

You can’t pretend with God. In the Light of His Eyes for you He sees your heart. And it may be imperfect but He can not leave you like this. He has desires for your lives to. He loves you…and your heart and is the business of making it whole.

The good thing is God is faithful. And He loves you. He sees your faults and imperfections through the Light of His Mercy and Love. He corrects, molds, purifies, corrects, refines, and makes you new again. He will preserve you and keep you, just as you are.

Humble yourself before God.

He will lift you up.

And He will make what has bowed you down in this life, whether it be hardships or circumstances beyond your control, even problems you have caused, to be the same thing that lifts you up. I am purposing in my heart with you to let God speak and I do the listening He makes me into the gracious, loving woman He has created me to be.

God bless you all
Love you in Christ,

Have a great weekend,



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