Even if it seems like a helpless situation.
That God is not listening.
That there is too much that you are facing for God to step in.
Know the truth.
God is listening. There is hope. And God still cares for you and loves you. KEEP PRAYING. ALWAYS DO. For God says He will answer those who call out to Him. Those who cry out to Him in truth.

Even if it feels like nothing is happening.


PRAYERS WORK MIRACLES. The God Who specializes in miracles, He will bring it to pass.

Don’t you dare give up.

Keep on praying.
P.U.S.H. Keep Praying Until Something Happens. Kinda of seems too simple and quite generic but it’s still true. God is still in control. The Lord is always looking for ways to redeem and restore you and I.
I love you all and I pray God helps you accept His Love for you as you pray for yourself and others across our world.

A special prayer for Texas, Florida, the Islands, and the west coast, all those suffering in this storm: God please be with them, help, restore and cease the storm for Your Mercy’s sake..let Your Love prevail over all of this. Thank you God.
In Jesus Name, I always pray

Keep praying God will answer your prayers.

Have a good Sunday you all.

Love you with the love of Christ,



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