The Reason

Why does the attack come?

Why is there so much trouble in my life?

And you have been doing all the right things.


Seeking God actively.

But you are not seeing the breakthrough

The come through that you were anticipating.

And you feel like this is hopeless.

Why am I being targeted anyway?


In the midst of it all, it is for a purpose.

Even if you don’t understand.

The attack is Satan’s greatest tool aganist you.

And the reason is because The Lord has more in store for you than you can even imagine. His plans for you are to prosper you and bless you.

But satan wants to derail us from that plan.

He wants to steal your joy.

And steal your inheritance.

And yet, we all still think God is responsible.

Because we fail to realize:

“Sometimes Satan is more aware of who you are

Than you are of yourself.”–TD Jakes

Watch this video.

It will bless you. Share your thoughts below about what this video means to you.

I love you all,

God bless you & goodnight.



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