He is better. Better than the money, power, fame, popularity, food, clothing.

He is better.

Better than our hurt, addictions or desires.

He heals our hearts, minds, and souls from the very things we swear to make us better.

There is no temporary pleasure in this life that can or will satisfy. The Love God gives me and you demonstrated through The One and Only Son is more than we can even imagine or grasp all at once. He gives you and I living water, that are parched and longing souls can be refreshed in an Oasis of joy. He continues to fill us up so that we can have life and have it more abundantly (John 10:11). He fills every empty space. Every wound. Whatever the case will be penetrated by The Love He gives and remove our greatest griefs, fears and sorrows. He heals and restores and gives light where darkness can not hide any longer.

The only way we will become better sisters, brothers, cousins, aunt’s, uncle’s, nieces, nephews, friends, and of course children, children of God too, is to accept that He is and always will be better.

He is The Only One that can fill you up and make you better. He can cleanse your heart, soul, mind and set you free. Yes. He is The One that can set you free. He will give you joy and everlasting peace.

And there, in His peace, you become whole again.

Jesus is better.

Choose Jesus. He is The Only One Who Loved enough to come to this earth and heal you and I.

Jesus. is. better.

I love you all.

I pray you choose Jesus over the things that tempt you today.

I pray that you and I accept, and decide Jesus as The Only Way, because He is. I pray we continue every moment we close our eyes to go to bed, or arise for the waking of dawn….even when things are rough, rocky or messy–that Jesus will always remain our Hope. For when we do, things always get and will always be better.




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