His Will…or Ours?

There is no such thing as permissive will. There is either God’s Will which is right and always perfect and our will. Our will is flawed. And hopelessly selfish at times.

But God’s Will is perfect.

God’s Ways are higher than our ways. His thoughts our Higher than our thoughts. God’s Ways, His Will– are ALWAYS best (Isaiah 55:8-9).

And His Perfect Ways and Will, will always produces the best gifts.

“Every good thing given and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shifting shadow (shadow of turning)”–James 1:17

Unfortunately, we live in a world where we decide to take on our desires first and then try to merge them into God’s plan for our lives.

It never works. And what we come to is a distorted image of the future.

God never forces. Once He sees we are not going to change our minds about something, He steps back, and give us the, free will to decide His Way or our way.

Most of the time we decide our way.

And when our way does not work out we get frustrated or offended at the very same Father who encouraged you to do things His Way.

We try to cast the blame on God or others when life does not turn out the way we expected. When in reality, it is ours to blame. We decided the way to go. We trotted down the wrong path. We didn’t feel like honoring God. It’s true. Not only for you..me too.

God, in His Mercy, will forgive us and heal our lives and situation but He can not,

Or will not–

Submit our will,

For His.

We must accept the truth that we are His Children. Living under His protective Hand.

And obeying His Will is the best thing we can do for our lives.

And we first do that by surrending our will for His. It’s not easy.

It’s okay. It’s worth it in the end.

How do I do that?

Give your

Well, you can start by saying to Him your sorry. That your making things right by repenting or turning from your sins. Two, you can humble yourself by saying that “Your Will is the best for my life and I ask that You change my thinking that it lines up with Your Own.”

And three.

“Sweet Jesus. I let go and You’re free now to do whatsoever you desire for my life. I pray my life is now in your Hands. Turn it, whatever way You desire and I shall be healed and blessed. Thank You Father. I delight myself in You, therefore, you will still grant me the desires of your heart. And because my life has now been turned for You, the fulfillment of those desires will always be good and perfect.

Only if you mean it say: I love you.

I pray God heals your heart so you can enter into His best for your life.

I love you all.



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