“You Betta Claim It”–Peace of Mind on Lock

This is a genuine heart to heart sisterly reflection for those who need God’s peace through, for and in the storm. In every season. God made you that you may have peace eternally. Not so you can be afraid all the time. What a beautiful reminder. Thank you Marlisa G. Continue to be a lighthouse of hope for the Lord. I pray He bless the work of your hands and all that you do. God bless you.
To every season,

Fearfully And Wonderfully Made

        I always say that if I do not have my peace of mind, I HAVE nothing. It is such a beautiful thing to have because I feel it is so rare these days and must be protected. Peace of mind to me is the number one thing that is attacked by the enemy and certainly in today’s society. Social media is amazing but all it takes is one scroll before insecurities rise up and comparisons are made in the mind. Been there and still struggle at times with that which is why social media detoxes are a must from time to time! A detox allows you to pause and evaluate where you are at mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Sis, I am writing this to let you know that you are not alone. It is one thing to know that I want you to take your peace…

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