Love is…

Love is the best motive in all creation.

There was a plan created for our salvation.

A man,

Of 33.

Decided to die on the cross.

Just for you and me. Why?


Love sets free.


Love is a verb. Action is required to show it. But it’s not easy to do.

Though it is, we can be comforted that “our loving actions”, no matter what they are, “flow out of our faith and the empowering love of God inside us.”–Dave Branon.

He helps us love. Yes, as our hearts get to know the depth of His Love for us…it is easier for us to show love to others. When we can get to a place where our mind assent, our hearts accepts, and begins to understand the gravity, weight and overwhelming powerful unconditional Love of God; we will begin to desire showing His Love to others. For the love He gives eclipses our judgement, our own shame, violation and hurt. We can fill up with this knowledge and soak in His life for us. His Love is inevitable and we can not live without it.

This love is too good not to share. That is why we are to share the gospel in our everyday lives by sharing His love with others.

“We show God’s love when we are willing to help others; we show His strength when we take on the task He gives us to do.”–Dave Branon

Loving people, especially loving others like Christ does us is not only a supernaturally given as you and I grow in our understanding of God’s love for us; but helping others practically in the affairs of life.

“Lord, please open our eyes to the needs of others, open our hearts to those people, and open our hands so we can provide help in the time of need.” –Dave Branon

People need help, everywhere. But who do you know personally, in your world, that you know could use you?

Or who do you find around you today–that you don’t know–who looks like they could use the love of Jesus today?

It can be offering some help at the grocery store, moving to give someone with six kids a parking space, mowing your elderly neighbors lawn, praying for another person, or sharing your testimony. They are all ways that the life and love of Christ can shine in you.

However small, I pray He helps me show the Love of Jesus to someone who honestly needs it today.
I pray you can open your heart, slow down and look around to see the needs of people around you. And be used by Him to touch them in their situation today. In time, this world will know the truth and love of Christ–if we can take one step at a time, one day at a time, humbling ourselves to fit another’s person’s shoes; showing and sharing His Love.

The way we share His Love may all look differently.

And yet,

It does not diminish the height, depth, span or reach of the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus, our Lord.

I pray we will be more like Jesus. Everyday. Thank you Lord.
In His Name,

Thanks Our Daily Bread for the reminder. God bless you all. Take small steps to showing kindness and love toward others today.
In every season,

I thought that this may be something interesting you and I can think and discuss today:
How might God be calling you to help someone today?  Comment below!

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