In the Valley Series: Waiting on the Lord Pt.1

 I have learned many things from God and others about walking through “the valley of the shadow of death” This week, I write and share what God has revealed to me in that season and what He has promised to all of us as we walk through the challenges of life.

Lamentations 3:22-37

Why is it good to wait on The Father?
Our faith is being tested, refined, and purified. 

We learn, during the wait what our faith rests in. We learn if we are basing our faith on things on this earth. We learn who we are, and what has been planted in us. We learn the strength of our faith in the One true God.

Our faith is increasing.

When we settle in ourselves that we will only rely on our God to meet our needs, our desires, our wants, and everything; then we can begin the process of developing a true relationship with Him. We begin to get to know Him, God’s character, and His Love for us and grow in our faith.

Our faith is being perfected.

Our faith in God not only goes through the fire of tests, and trials but is becoming sharp, focused, precise and steadfast. Your faith will be complete, whole, and resolute.

The trying of our faith works or produces patience.

We can never really understand fully the times and seasons of God for us, or at least, the reason why God does or allows things in our lives when He does. That is, not until we stand before Him face to face. (Read 1 Corinthians 13:9-12) The good thing is when He continues to keep us in seasons of tests and trials, faith refinement, and faith and strength development, particularly when we want to leave a situation, avoid a circumstance or bypass a test altogether, we are sick of a condition, tired or frustrated by a problem.
We become more rested, and relaxed as we learn more about God’s Faithfulness, and Constant, Reliable Presence. We begin to rely on God when we allow the testing to have its full work in us, and allow Him to take over every problem we face, we will find God is a miracle working Father, Who cares for us and continues consistently to come through for us on a daily basis. We can rest assured that no matter what we face, even if it is the last straw, the last nerve we have., the last day for things to change, the last chance, the last hour or minute before your whole world falls apart at the seams…you can rely on Your Heavenly Father, who watches over you carefully and has proven and showed Himself faithful–every time.

Remembering a collection of these times with God, will help you wait patiently for God to move on your behalf and give you hope during times of waiting.

We treat our soul, which is our mind, will, and emotions as something amorphous, unattached from our experience as a human being, but I realized that the soul feels everything. Every delay, every disappointment, and every failure.

It literally hurts. Your body just reacts to it.

Your heart droops, it stings with every waking imaginary dream you thought would be your walking reality.
I know it hurts to wait. Especially if you have been waiting a long time for ______  (fill in the blank)

But know this.

God sees your pain. He sees your agony. He knows you are frustrated. You are disappointed. Possibly angry…even at Him.

But God sees your beginning and your end alike. He has your best interest at heart. And He will make it up to you. He will bring this time in the wilderness to its complete close, and shower you with so many blessings that you have no room to contain it.
He has wonderful things in store for you.

God bless you,

More is in store for you and I.

In every season,



What do you think?

Does your faith grow more in the valley of the shadow of death? Does your faith grow more as you wait on God?


2 thoughts on “In the Valley Series: Waiting on the Lord Pt.1

  1. Yes, it has been in times of pure terror that I have called out and God answered that truly left me knowing that we are not alone. I trust Him completely. I was flabbergasted the first time He answered, not really sure he would, so I tell of his great works, so others may hopefully come to trust in God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ and ask for a relationship and gain the Holy Spirut for their Helper. Lovely post.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Wow!! And amen😊 Your testimony is so powerful. I agree with you. Through my valley Experience the Lord showed me how big, how good, and loving He is. Thank you for writing and sharing your posts. 😊 May He continue to uplift you and bless you. God bless you😊🌻

      Liked by 1 person

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