In the Valley: He Keeps Those He Loves

No matter how you feel,

Or what you feel.

No matter who you are,

Or what you think you are,

Or what you’ve done,

God still has a plan and purpose for you,

And God still loves you.

You may think that you can’t make it through your next day,

You may think you can’t make it at all.

You may think what you’re doing for God is never,

Could never,

Be enough.

Regardless of your sacrifices,

Your works,

Your deeds…

God STILL cares for you.

God STILL loves you.

God STILL has a plan and purpose for you.

Don’t think that you going about, doing His Will is for nothing.

Speak to your mountain,

Speak to your circumstances,

Speak to it,

Then rest so that

Christ in you


Crush it down,

So Christ in you,

can perform a miracle,


Can lay it up,

And line it up,

For your best.

For in Christ, you can do all things.


In Christ,

All things work together

For your good.


God STILL CARES for you,


God still has a perfect plan and purpose for your life.




God can not and God WILL not throw anyone away, who has come to Him through His Son, Jesus Christ, in Spirit and in truth.

So take comfort in this:

Nothing can separate you or me from God’s love, and nothing can take you apart from God’s grace. Nothing can take you out of God’s Perfect Will but you, so you can not doubt. Take heart and begin again to trust God. For Christ is keeping you safe and giving you strength. He is keeping you out of harm’s way, and keeping you safe from the works of evil. Kept safe in His care, God will give you victory. So just keep trusting the Lord. For God will give you victory!!

God, I love you. Thank you that nothing can take me out of your perfect will. I trust You. Just keep me in constant remembrance of Your Word that gives me comfort: “You will neither leave me, nor forsake me” (Hebrews 13:5) and Jesus’s Words to me that, “My Father, which gave them me, is greater than all; and no man is able to pluck them out of my Father’s hand” (John 10:29). Thank You for Your promises Lord. Thank you for everything. God, I trust You, Lord Jesus Christ, I thank You. May all glory and power be forever to You Lord, in Jesus Name I pray, Amen.

Have a wonderful week everyone,

God bless you, take rest in God’s Love for you today,


I had to soak myself in scripture to forgive myself and to heal the secret wounds of my soul. If you have any prayer requests, contact me or comment down below. It is my desire that God heals you and lifts you up…just like He has for me.
Read these scripture references:
John 10:29
Romans 8:28
Philippians 1:6
*Psalm 4:3-6*
© A Time 4 Everything Reflections All Rights Reserved

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