I Didn’t Think You Would Come

Lazarus was dead.

He laid in the tomb.


He lay there…




The One.

Would come rescue him.

He remembers as he lay at the brink of death,

Sorrows plaguing his soul,

Ratched breath labored and all,

He lay there,


The One

The King,

The Savior,

The One

with healing

The One with power in His hands

Would come.

But He didn’t.


I slipped into the night,

His name on my breath, saying

Jesus save,

Please come help.

No, as his disciples told him the news.

Lazarus lay sick, should we go?


Not yet.

I will raise him up


Just wait.

Lazarus, wrapped in linen and in tears, fell silent as he was laid to rest.


All hope was not lost.

He still believed.

He would come.

As day turned to night, as evening turned today, as day turned to night.

Where is the Lord?

I can’t believe He did not come…

Why did He leave me here to die…

He must not love me anymore.

Silence still.

There must be no hope for me.

Or else HE would have come for me.

In my sins,

I have been

Cut off forever.

Say it’s not so,


Don’t leave me here.

In this dark abyss.

In this wretched sin.

Don’t leave me here.

Don’t leave me here.

Please, don’t leave me here.

Lazarus’s story is my story.

And our story.

If He had not come…

I, Amarachi would not have lived.

If you’re going through unbelief…
Yet you still fear God. You may be going through a test.
And unbelief can be healed. He healed mine. And He can heal your hardened and broken heart.

I was angry at God. I was depressed. My heart felt empty. But with a humbled heart, I turned to Him and asked Him to heal me.
I asked Him to help me.
God gave me examples of those who committed sin, terrible sin, and humbled themselves to the Lord.

King David….King Hezekiah…Mary Magdelene…the thief on the cross…Peter….

People of old, who thought their sin was too great for God to handle.

Too deep for God to heal.
God comes to your rescue. And forgives you.
He is the Redeemer.
He will restore health to you.
And heal your diseases (1 Peter 2:24).

He will cleanse you. Settle you, strengthen you, clothe you (Ezekiel 36:25-26).
He will make you in right standing again. He will restore the year’s satan stole.

The years where sin robbed you of heavenly joys.
He will make you whole.


He prayed:

“Father, thank you for hearing me. You always hear me, but I said it out loud for the sake of all these people standing here so that they will believe you sent me” (John 11:41).


He called my name, out of the dust,

Out of the grave,

He called out my name.

And there, I raised again.

His voice reverberating through my skin,

Into my bones,

Enlivening me.

I rose.

Only to hear my Saviors voice.

I came out of the tomb,

Where dead men lay.

Though hells screams ricocheted my veins.

They could not keep me any longer.

Fearful of the One who called for me.

They retreated in envy,

Retreated in jealousy. Back to the pit

Of Hell’s misery.

My sin, ugly and envious

Which entangled me from life itself–

Did not stop me from


My body,

To Him.

Blinded by the sun

I groped for

The Voice that shook heaven,


And hell.

And saved me from the reckless dungeon,

That I myself

Had put me in.

In agony…I couldn’t breathe,

The sin,

The weights of the binds

Were suffocating me.

I, still I, came out of that defeat.

The grave of sin, hell, and grief,

His Voice pulling me.

His gaze still lifting me.

His eyes still loving me.


Came to the Savior.

Fell at his feet.


He said TO MY ENEMY.

Release her,

Let her free.

I didn’t know He would come for me.

I didn’t know God would be so merciful to me and send a Savior, A Lord, A King, Himself–to die a sinners death, just to save…me.

That was the cry of the people of Isreal, who year, after year, blood sacrifice after another, who waited patiently, hopefully for a Savior (Hebrews 9:18).

The cry of the world as we desperately waited for someone to free us of shame and sins misery.

A person who would stand in the middle between God and man–and be the substitute for our sins.

Someone who could live in our shoes.

Who would understand the trials we face, the pain we endure, the death that we must experience?

In order to have new life.

We didn’t know He would come.

AS humble as a baby in a manger.

To a faithful carpenter and young mother.

I almost lost hope.

In my shame. In my brokenness. In my failure.

I didn’t think you would come.

Why would you?

Did I deserve such love?

Have I showed you any in return?

But, You still say:

“I have loved you with an everlasting love; Therefore I have drawn you with loving kindnesss.”

And You came.

“And from Jesus Christ, the faithful witness, the firstborn from the dead, and the ruler over the kings of the earth.

To Him who loved us and washed us from our sins in His own blood, and has made us kings and priests to His God and Father, to Him be glory and dominion forever and ever. Amen” (Revelation 1:5-6).

If you would like to accept Jesus into your heart today, letting Him lead you home…

I encourage you to pray this with me today Accept Jesus

I will be grateful to pray with you and for you before The Father in Jesus Name today.

Happy Ressurection Day!

am He who lives, and was dead, and behold, I am alive forevermore. Amen…” Revelation 1:18

Now you and I get the honor and privilege to live with The Lord, forever.

In this season, and in every season,
You were worth it to Jesus.

That is why He came.


jesus tomb1

© All Rights Reserved A Time 4 Everything Ministries Reflections During Seasons of Change


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