Casting Our Cares…Pt. 3

The conclusion of our series: Casting Your Cares Pt.3

In order for us to have complete healing in our hearts, we must first allow God fix what is not right in our hearts.

And that requires humility.

It is time for us as believers to be open and honest with our Creator. The One Who Loves us, and shed His Blood for us deserves so much more than our facades, and our excuses.

We need realness.


We need to start the healing process with Him by first being open and honest to God about our pain.

He can handle the pain and hurt we have been through.

He was right there with us.

I can’t wait for us to truly begin the healing process with God–casting all our cares on Him–for He cares for us.


Help us to have breakthroughs…by first being open and honest with you. Heals us, cleanse us, make us clean. Give us peace, courage, beauty for ashes, and let Your Everlasting Love pour down on us–making us stand in your Presence; blameless, firm, and strong in Your will.

I pray that we cast our cares on you for you care for us. 

I pray that we will be completely set free.

Completely made whole. Thank you Lord for everything.

Help me to do so too.

In Jesus Name,



If you need prayer or have some of your own personal reflections about the journey to wholeness, comment below or contact me via email through the Contact link.

Have a wonderful week everyone!

Till next time.

God bless,



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