It’s Time to Bloom

“Have you ever heard you are beautiful
I know what you’re worth
But you don’t see it at all
After the rain has fallen down, the sun comes out

Just keep believing
You’ll see a new season soon
You’re turning into something amazing
Baby, you were born to bloom, bloom, bloom, bloom

I wish you could see you were made for more
And your wildest dreams can’t compare
To what God’s got in store
Someday soon you’ll kiss the sky like a butterfly… –Moriah Peters, “Bloom”


Back in a time where I was broken in my sins,
God was dealing with me,
Breaking the shame off me-
And healing me of my pain
By playing this song,
He gave me the courage to get out of bed
And walk the path He has set for me.
He was speaking to me.
Comforting me through this song,
Telling me,
every day
“I still have a plan for you.
And you have a great future ahead of you.
You’re going to be great.
Don’t worry about the past.
Your future is very bright.
Just keep walking with me
You will be alright.”
That song rose in my heart a few days ago.
And I almost stuffed it down because I was afraid the old emotions were going to come up–
Especially when it came to the part where she says:
“Just keep believing, you’ll see a new season soon
You’re turning into something amazing
Baby, you were born to bloom, bloom, bloom, bloom”
But it’s true.
I am in a new season.
By the grace of God.
Now, I can look back,
And see how far He has taken me.
I didn’t know I would be here.
Writing my heart out before Him and you all still.
I didn’t know there would be the life I have now, or the future He has shown me.
And yet,
I still sang those songs to myself.
Believing God would somehow-someway make me over again.
Bring me out of the hell I had created.
God is good.
And He did.
I have bloomed
Or am beginning to.
All the words of encouragement I heard during this time were wrapped into one song.
I remember when my mind was almost completely gone.
Rittled with fear.
Anxiety. Thoughts of doubt clouded my mind. When a cry for help barely escaped my lips…
I went over to the ministers at my church, who wait patiently for parishioners to come and ask for prayers, advice, and insight from the Bible and their walk with The Lord.
I didn’t know which one to go to.
But I happened to go to a seasoned, shiny-headed man.
Brown and calm
Who listened
spoke to my heart.
I’ll never forget what he said.
“Some people are like roses. With a little time, pruning, patience…
They bloom.”
Those words,
This song,
And other words of encouragement that were sent by God, I am sure,
Have brought me here.
And will keep me going now and forever.
Father God,
Thank you.
I love you for always speaking life into my hopeless places.
You give life, to every downtrodden heart.
Thank You for not giving up on me–and giving me the faith to keep moving forward with You. Heal Your people. Help them see You are with them, even in the cacoon season. And You are with them–forever. They will bloom and all the GLORY WILL GO TO YOU.
So I sing to you all who may have and are going through a valley season, where your heart has been made broken by sin, or failures of yourself or others:
Just keep believing
You’ll see a new season soon
You’re turning into something amazing
Baby, you were born to bloom, bloom, bloom, bloom
In Jesus Name.
I love you all.

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