You Are Mother

Before I knew Him,
I knew you.
And by your example I have drawn closer
Day by day,
to Him.
To everything there is a season,
And today, here and now I celebrate mother. For your heart, your brillancy, your prayers, your faithfulness and overwhelming courage. You mother, whether you have ten kids or none. You are mother, and mother to someone.
And I honor your spirit, your faith and your life today.
You are special. One of a kind. And the world would not be the same without your support, your grace, and heart. God bless you, and today I honor your heart of selflessness for us all.
Be encouraged. I see you. Know God does too. And The Lord will provide all that you need and give you peace. And grant your soul rest as your heart become more and more like His Son.
I’m praying for you today.
He is with you.

Remember this:

You will always be mother.

Whether you are an empty nester,

5 months pregnant,

Or an adoptive mother of dozens…

Before you were a mother,

You were a wife.

Before you were a wife,

You were a daughter.

Before you were daughter,

You were a child of God.

And even now.

You were always

And will always be

God’s Child first.

And your faith will continue to help you become all God has made you to be.

Just wait and see.

He is faithful who calls


To be

A mother.


Before you become overwhelmed with the pressures of life.

Or are disheartened by your children’s mis steps.

Or empty womb.

You are.

And you always matter.

Happy Mother’s Day🌻

In every season,
Blessings on your heart.

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Remember to everything there is a season,

A time and purpose under heaven.

I pray He keep us steady as we walk through seasons of life—together.

Have a wonderful week!

© A Time 4 Everything. All Rights Reserved.


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