Bloom Series: Confessing Your Faults

God comes to your rescue. And forgives you.
He is the Redeemer.
He will restore health to you,
And heal your diseases.

He will cleanse you.

Settle you, strengthen you, clothe you (Ezekiel 36).
He will make you in right standing again. He will restore the years Satan stole.
He will make you whole.
Confess your sins to God.

Then, “confess your faults to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results.” James 5:16

Why do we have to confess?

Confession liberates the soul from condemnation and finds freedom in the admission of guilt and wrongdoing. You are to first, however, confess your faults to the Lord.

And then, confess your faults to another believer, a friend.

Confess your faults to another you may have wronged.

Confess your pain to one you trust.

So that you can be healed…
Body, spirit, soul and mind.

When we are open and honest about the sin in our lives;

Willing to be vulnerable and transparent about what has taken place and where we are in our faith journey;

Willing to express areas of lack, emptiness, weakness, shame and areas where we need help; we give others the opportunity to war with us in prayer.

We do not have to walk alone. Not only is God with us, but God has given us a family of born-again believers who will fight for us in prayer, who speak to God on our behalf, who will stand with us, and lift us up.

We have a family to encourage us to keep going, a family of faith to confide in…

And people of faith to help us seek The Lord-together.
If you’re in need of healing and you don’t know where to go for prayer…email me. I will be grateful to pray with you and for you before The Father in Jesus Name today.

In this season, and in every season,

God loves you, and I love you in Christ,



Remember, to everything, there is a season,

A time and purpose under heaven.

I pray we grow through this season of life, friends.

If you are in need of prayer during this process, season and time of growth and change, don’t hesitate toĀ Contact Me

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God bless you,



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