Bloom: No More Facades

The Lord sees pasts our facades…and is more interested in cleaning our hearts, restoring and healing pasts wounds than us pretending, hiding, running.

He knows you and I. He desires for us to have pure hearts and motives.

But I can’t,

Until I express my shame,

Tell The Lord my sins

And allow Him to uncover my brokenness

For His Glory.


*Again, no endorsement. Just truly blessed by his ministry*

You can learn more about his ministry

God wants us to be clean, inside and out-

Made Whole.

So what we pour into the lives of others can be pure.

My prayer is that we will all take that step of faith that we can be healed, be restored and used for His Glory.


God bless you all,

Until next time,

Amarachi 🌻

Remember, to everything, there is a season,

A time and purpose under heaven.

I pray we grow through this season of life, together.

If you are in need of prayer during this process and time of growth, don’t hesitate to Contact Me

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