The More We Cover, the Less We Heal

These last few days, I’ve really been asking God for one thing…actually–
Two 😊
One, to make me KNOW the truth. To help me see, REALLY see the truth about life, people, and His Word.

And He has revealed. I have yet to truly sit still and bask in this wonder He reveals to me,

But bit by bit,

As He reveals

piece by piece the puzzle of my life.

And the truth about things, ideas, circumstances I have accepted out of ignorance.

Gently, and fully God has filled my heart with knowledge and understanding, and peeled my eyelids open with His Word, so I can think, hear, and see clearly for the very first time.

My second prayer is to BE LOVE. Not just love others, but truly BE LOVE.
Yet, that can not happen till I continue to unveil my heart. Start being truthful about all my sins, failures, thoughts, actions, words, deeds…
And be willing to be vulnerable with Him. And with others. So His Glory can be revealed.🌻

We all, who with unveiled faces contemplate the Lord’s glory, are being transformed into his image with ever-increasing glory”

2 Corinthians 3:18

As we unveil our hearts to The Father,
He can shine His Light in us,
Driving away any darkness,
And reveal what is not right in His sight, and make known to us–

The truth.
That He may heal us.
So, we can be changed by the glory and power of His Name.
God is so good.
And so Faithful.
Even when we are not.
And He will continue this process till we look just like His Son (Romans 8).

If you’re willing to share–what are some things you are asking God for during this season of time? And how can I pray with you so we can see it happen? Comment below! 🌻


Remember, to everything, there is a season,

A time and purpose under heaven.

I pray we grow through this season of life, together.

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Till next time my friends.

May God bless you,




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