REBUILD: Keep Building Your Castle

“Delight thyself also in the Lord: and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.”–Psalm 37:4

I had a thought.

A glimpse.

I saw the side tower of a gray, glittering edifice being built under and the glow of the incandescent, warm, powerful, illuminating light of Heaven.

But this beautiful edifice was….unfinished.

And I came to realize that this radiant and magnificent castle was an example of all the faith projects you begin as a child.

Like the time you stayed up all night and imagine yourself singing before an endless sea of people.

Like the time you created a flying car in your mind and flew all over glittering cities and skies before daybreak.

Like the time you outlined a sailing ship in the clouds above you, saying over and over again, in your heart, “One day, I am going to sail all over the world.”

Like the time you discovered the sacred moon in the black sky above you and dreamed you could go to the moon and back with a blink of an eye with your secret machine.

Like the time you danced in your pink tutu, tattered and worn, imagining your beat up tennis shoes, like delicate and deft pointe shoes, grace the best stages all over the world.

Like the time you dreamed you would write stories that would inspire generations to come.

Yes, those are the moments, these are the moments where you built your castle.

A castle of dreams, that come to life in heaven before the LORD as towers, tall and hovering in the radiance of His Majestic Wonder.

Even though you had no idea,

No idea, how you could,

Or how you would,

You just kept speaking those things in your heart,

Kept speaking the dreams that you could not describe

With your lips,

And you kept the faith,

You kept believing,

One way or another,

That it would come to pass.

And it did.

In Heaven.

The moment you began to spend time dreaming, wondering, imagining. You declared things, believed things in your heart concerning yourself and your future. You were creating things in your life without even knowing it!

How is that so?

God says: “For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he…”–Proverbs 23:7

When you think, spend time meditating on thoughts, regardless of what it may be–it shall be.

That is how we were created. God thought of you before you were even created. And God created you to do the same, so that you can make a future for yourself by first thinking it–and eventually profess it to be true.

It begins in the mind and takes root in the heart. You see it inside yourself. And you begin to believe it is true. And then, you will see it everywhere you go.

Jesus sees those God-given dreams and builds it with you and within you. It begins when you, as a child, begin to create this reality in your spirit and soul. Step by step you expand your dreams, till its complete. Then, when the time is right, it finally manifests in the natural world.

But around the age of 10…and earlier for some…that faith starts to waver. You begin to rethink your dreams. Conflict and conflicting messages start to confuse you and pressure you into giving into another person’s dream–a more acceptable, less fantastical illusion that is safe and present.  You even lie to yourself as you grow older, and start to believe that all it was a dream.


These edifices of glory, swathed by promise, and the majesty of Jesus, are still left


Why do we let go of our faith projects?

Honestly, we forget. Bury. And neglect.

We forget the dreams of childhood and leave it behind, accepting the lie that it was for the best.

“At least I will not be disappointed.”wp-1527522526965..jpg

We bury them, because of some pain from the past, caused by some obstacle, some discouragement, or trauma caused by a family member, a friend, a neighbor, a teacher…a catastrophe, a storm of varying magnitude, whether it be a dissenting voice or harsh hand, may have caused you to stuff the dreams you once had to prevent the pain of those years to rise into your heart.

Then you neglect the dreams in your heart, by refusing to remember, refusing to ever think outside the box, refusing to dream again.

And the ruins left behind are the crushed pieces of the little girl or little boy’s heart.

That clandestine moment in your life when anything and everything is possible is so precious to God. And when it is trampled over, tainted, or shriveled by people and pasts wrongs, it hurts God.

But, your dreams, your castle of faith, can be regained. You can begin building again.

When you ask God to enlarge your heart and expand your capacity to receive the fulfillment of your dreams, you allow His Power to get involved in the restoration of your broken heart and mind and dreams. You give God room to show you the potential of your dreams and your goals.

All you have to do is give Him your heart, and mind to repair and restore. As He restores, your heart and mind will have fresh new ground for you to build upon.

And He will. For it is His Will to resurrect and to complete His Plans in you.



Is there something you have stopped believing God for? And what can you do to continue on in faith?

Expectantly building,


Tune in later this week for more reflections on building and rebuilding with God.

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God bless you!





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