Yesterday, I was reminded again by The Lord of how much He has brought me through and the victories I have obtained through my faith in Him.

Every day this week (through my personal page via Instagram, and A Time 4 Everything’s Instagram and Twitter) I will be sharing some transparent areas God has given me VICTORY over. This week will be #VICTORYWEEK. And I pray you will join me by sharing some of the battles you have conquered over by the power of The Holy Spirit.

For the very of the first victory stories:
This time last year, my family and I were homeless.
And we had been for almost a year.
We had been evicted from our home (the second time) and due to my parent’s credit we were denied the opportunity to rent. Neither did we have the finances to try to convince landlords to let us move in.
We hopped from one hotel to another-
Seeking rest
And God provided for us in every place.
The Lord granted us wisdom and provision and favor with every manager. Even though we were scared at times we would be thrown out again, He always provided a way for us to pay the hotel bill.
If it had not been for The Lord sending people,
Giving us peace and strength in the midst of that season…
I’m not sure where in my life I would be.
All I know is,
Through much prayer, 
Sowing seed, being a blessing to my parents and others around me possibly going through harder situations; God blessed me and my family immensely.
Here I was thinking that all my seed was in vain. It was not.
He used those times of hardship.
Of grief. Of doubt. Of mourning over what was lost
To build my faith, deepen my character,
Trust and reliance on The Father.
Now we have 
A house, in a quiet peaceful neighborhood. Where  I grew up.
He is restoring some things
In more ways than one.
And yes, I am still seeking Him,
And worshipping Him
Believing for everything I need to come to pass…
He is still behind the scenes 
On me
And our hearts to receive all that He has in store for me.
God is faithful.
And causes us to triumph,
Have victory, 
Over every single thing that threatens to take us out.  
Where poverty, depression, shame, bitterness, and grief threatened to take us out. God is still on the throne and has destined me for more…the only eviction taking place now is satan and his demons!
God has caused us by His Spirit to overcome those emotions and the circumstances that we have faced. God is good. 
His mercy endures forever. He is faithful #VICTORYWEEK

Today is the day of victory–for Jesus causes us to TRIUMPH!

Remember, to everything, there is a season,

A time and purpose under heaven.

I pray we grow through this season of life, friends.

If you are in need of prayer during this process, season and time of growth and change, don’t hesitate to Contact Me

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In every season, we have victory!



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