Victory Week: More than You

When I was 17 years old, I had to have a lumpectomy. Though the growths were benign, there was a possibility that it could turn.
I was afraid. And I was wondering if this could be something that I had caused. From sins I have done.
All lies from satan.
But those thoughts were in my mind.
My mother, a seasoned nurse, cried. Many times…even as she prayed.
My father, usually even-tempered and calm was oh so quiet and worry deepened the lines of his face.
After several weeks,
Ignoring the lumps,
And the doctor’s diagnoses,
I mustered all the courage in me and came boldly to Him in prayer and told Him, tears trickling down my cheeks:
“Lord, I’m kind of scared. I don’t want to die. I ask you to heal me.
If you don’t and I have to get a surgery…I trust you anyway.
But I believe that you will protect me and the surgery will go right. I trust you Lord. in Your Son’s Name, Jesus, I pray, amen.”
I knew the thees, the thous,

However, this time…I was still and prayed the truth of how I was feeling before the Lord.
That day, as the nurses prepared me for surgery…
A peace that surpassed all human understanding blanketed the room.
I knew there was an angel-if not angels-protecting me
And I was not afraid anymore.
I was surrounded.
The Presence of God was there.
A nurse, coming into the room asked if this was my first surgery. I said yes.
Alarmed she said: “Wow, you’re so calm. And you are just 17 years old.” My mom spoke up and said:
“Yes, it’s The Presence of God.”
The surgery was a success,
And I healed beautifully.
At the tender age of 17
Clear hearted in mind and spirit made a decision
To not fear death,
But trust
The Lord would protect me and lead me home always. Amen.
I had the victory.
If not for my own sake, I believe my facing this test, deepened my trust in the Lord, as well as revealed what God’s Faithfulness and Peace looks like in those who believe. I pray the nurse who talked with me is changed, and comes to Christ for herself, and sees who He is.
It’s not about us.
It’s about the souls who will be reunited
In His Presence
And that is the ultimate victory.


This is victory week! Where I share the stories and triumphs I have had the Lord has brought me through.

SHARE with me! What challenges have you faced but now have victory over because of your faith in Jesus? Comment below!


© A Time 4 Everything Reflections


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