Hello there friends,

This is for every season.

“To everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under Heaven.”

Ecclesiastics 3:1

There is a season for everything in life.  A time of testing, pruning, growth, birth...new beginnings.

This blog was birthed from a season of turmoil, pain and pressure. Birthed out of trouble on every side, and alone time with God.

I write, when storms come and seasons change.

I write what I learn–no, what we learn in the seasons that threaten to take us out.

I write, when God is near. And when He feels so far away.

I write what we can’t understand sometimes.

I write God’s heart for us…God’s love for you.

I have come to understand, in every season of our life, that God loves us.

He remains faithful.

And I am a living testament of that.

There has been a great amount of trouble in our world. Great amount of trouble in our lives. But bad times come and go. They don’t last forever. God is still in control. And He has everything under control. This blog is for all of us going through the darkest seasons of life….

As we come into the brightest seasons of our life.

It is hard to do it alone.

So, I encourage you to come along with me—read, laugh, cry, grow and learn from this season and come out better, stronger, wiser, greater than you imagined. Learn more about His faithfulness and love for you.

My name is Amarachi. Creator. Educator. Writer for Christ.

And we will complete the seasons of life together.

For there is always,

A Time for Everything.