Tribute: Rev. Dr. Billy Graham

When I was in college, and depression from childhood covered me like a cloak, the only thing I looked forward to was my late night sessions with The Lord, watching TBN. On certain days, I would get the privilege of listening to Dr. Graham cry out repentance, provoke humility while teaching the gentle mercy, steadfast love and forgiveness of The One and Only Holy God.IMG_20180221_160615_604.jpg
I was delivered from that prison with the healing, convicting, inspired and truthful teaching from this small town Southern Baptist pastor who became a world-renowned minister, and general of faith for the world.
God comforted and healed my soul through this man…I am eternally grateful. And I will miss him.

We are confident, yes, well pleased rather to be absent from the body and to be present with the Lord. –2 Corinthians 5:8, NKJV


There will always be a time for everything.

Rest in peace, Dr. Billy Graham. God, comfort and uplift the hearts of his close relatives and loved ones.

Your legacy meant the world to me and millions around the world.

Thank you for sharing light in a dark world.
Your steady heart for The Lord Jesus Christ, your integrity, courage, and faith was PIVOTAL to me truly following and developing my faith in Christ and sharing the truth with people around me. Your ministry literally changed my life.

May the Lord bless your legacy…may it prick the hearts of my generation to walk in the fullness of their calling and future generations to come. Amen.


What is your memory of Dr. Rev. Billy Graham? How did God use his life of faith to change yours? 

I look forward to hearing how God used him to touch your life and others around you.

Till we meet again,



18 things you must do in 2018 for 18 reasons.

In every season, particularly in this new one we are in–this is a concise way to help you focus on God and walk out this season successfully with God. God bless Ev. Nmezi Thank you for writing this profound list. I pray many can receive and listen to God in their own lives on how to walk in this new year.

Message from above

It’s a new year and I know you must have written a list of what you want to achieve this year. There is nothing wrong with that but something will certainly go wrong if you approach this year with the same way you approached last year. For you to achieve this year you have to change your ideology. I will tell you 18things you must do to succeed.

1. Don’t depend on your new year resolutions, depend on the resolutions of the Holy Spirit (Romans 8:14).

2.Never engage in business or career because of the trust you have for your friends, relations or associates. Engage in it by wisdom and understand every step to take (Proverbs 4:7).

3.Don’t waste your time on people who don’t believe in you because their unbelief will bring hindrance to you. As Jesus never did mighty works in Nazareth because of their…

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“You Betta Claim It”–Peace of Mind on Lock

This is a genuine heart to heart sisterly reflection for those who need God’s peace through, for and in the storm. In every season. God made you that you may have peace eternally. Not so you can be afraid all the time. What a beautiful reminder. Thank you Marlisa G. Continue to be a lighthouse of hope for the Lord. I pray He bless the work of your hands and all that you do. God bless you.
To every season,

Fearfully And Wonderfully Made

        I always say that if I do not have my peace of mind, I HAVE nothing. It is such a beautiful thing to have because I feel it is so rare these days and must be protected. Peace of mind to me is the number one thing that is attacked by the enemy and certainly in today’s society. Social media is amazing but all it takes is one scroll before insecurities rise up and comparisons are made in the mind. Been there and still struggle at times with that which is why social media detoxes are a must from time to time! A detox allows you to pause and evaluate where you are at mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Sis, I am writing this to let you know that you are not alone. It is one thing to know that I want you to take your peace…

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Reckless Love

Let God’s Love overwhelm you, overtake you, and fill you. God loves you. Listen to this song on your way home from work or wherever you are.

No matter who you are, no matter what you do, no matter how far you go, His Love will always find you.

I thank God for you all.

Have a wonderful weekend 💖


Faith ReVamped



No matter the costs,

I will keep the faith.
I will stand in the midst of trials.
I will hold on to You.
I will trust You.

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen.”–Hebrews 11:11

Truth? Your faith is going to be tested. But that does not mean you break under it. Instead. Stand. Your faith will never be in vain. God will make sure you’ll never be put to shame. He will never leave you hanging….

I recall many a time when my faith in Christ took me to the end of me.
End of my journey.

My life.

But God never left me.

I know it sounds strange to the normal hearing.

But it is so true.

I could have never done the things that I have done without divine blessings.

I could have never done what I have without His Help.

I could never be who I am, tender heart and all, without The Cleansing and healing Words of God in the Bible.

I could have never been set free from addiction on my own.

I could have never been set free from depression on my own.

Yes, there are those who say we have great power lined within our souls that enable us to do such great feats.

But can you, on your own, save yourself from a car accident that should have ended your life?

Can you escape yourself when you have been strangled under the currents of depression?

Can you fight off the bullies and naysayers once and for all?

Can you stop your own wrongdoing?

Can you in your own power, by your own strength…do any of these things?


You can not.

And you were never meant to.

You see, faith to the outside world seems precarious, mystical and somewhat scary.

When in reality it’s not. It’s simple. Yet its results are so complex and can be beautiful.

In you.

And around you.

So stop thinking your faithless.

You have faith. But where are you placing it?

In people? Family, friends?




You disappoint yourself.

Circumstances change all the time

Jobs come…and go.

People disappoint us all the time…even if they don’t intentionally mean to.

However, having faith in God is different. Having faith in the real one—brings about results. Faith in Him is always consistently…good. No matter what the outcome, even if it is not what you expected, is glorious.

Miraculous. Not only for you. But even those around you will marvel at God’s goodness in your life.

Faith in God, the real one brings about positive, long lasting, character building results.

Results that instantly change who you are, and bring about who you were meant to be.

Faith in God helps you understand Who God is, His intimate care and love for you.

Faith is what we hope for, and evidence of things (including God. Not diminishing Him to a thing, but I pray you understand) not seen.

God is so real.

He knows you. He loves you.

I’m praying your faith fails not, and when you come back, you strengthen other believers. God bless you, love you all.

Have faith. Stand stand. Trust in Him. Remain encouraged.

Your faith is not in vain. It is not for nothing. It will not be wasted.

Keep walking with Him, standing with Him, till He comes.


I Spoke Up


knows that I was the good girl.
I did my best to make everyone happy with me.
But then I found out that,
It was impossible,

to please the whole crowd.

So I spoke up, I spoke out.
I learned that love don’t hold its tongue,
And passion doesn’t bow to what they think.
It’s you and me.
Sometimes it’s painful to be brave
To look fear in the face,
And know your name.

To find your strength.” — “I Spoke Up”, Steffany Gretzinger

Here is a song for the ones trying to hear, seek, and know God’s Voice.

As well as their own.

You are extraordinary. And your voice matters. So don’t let fear, or frustration keep you from speaking God’s Words in your life.

You’re not the only one that has difficulty raising her and his voice. But me and God are working through it. He’s helping me to speak up more and more, in love, in more ways than one.

Here’s to finding our voice.


Listen: “I Spoke Up” by Steffany Gretzinger

Love doesn’t keep quiet, even in the midst of controversy, disagreement and push back.

I pray you take

the journey with God so that you will find your voice too


God bless you today, I love you.


Give it to God

Originally written November 15th 2017

“Give it to God”

“Give all your worries and cares to God, for He cares about you.”–1 Peter 5:7

There was a little girl, walking outside of Speedway, with a sugar drink in a gigantic cup. She wobbled, as her mouth gripped the straw and slurped the cool, sweet drink. Her white outfit shined under the bright beams of my moms busted van. I smiled as I watched her desperately grip the drink, the drink that was almost as big as her entire torso. She walked and walked into the cool crisp night towards the filling stations.

Next to her was a man, most likely her father, who was silently walking beside her, reached out to her coax and encourage her to hand him the cup, for he knew it was too big for her. Too heavy for her.

Too much for her to handle.

But she stubbornly kept walking, with her face bent toward the ground, focusing, intently on carrying that gigantic cup.

After a few attempts, her father, allowed her to carry it, all the way back to the car.

Sometimes I feel we are just like that little girl.

We carry our lives in limbo, clinging to its very breath, hoping nothing will fall…worrying that something will crash. We will crash. We keep our head down, concentrating too hard, fixing our eyes on the wrong thing…..only to look up one day and find that our lives have passed us by.

And just like the loving Father that He is, God walks along side us, reaching out to us, encouraging us, coaxing us to give it to Him.

I’ll take it.

I’ll handle it.

I’ll take care of it.

But no.

We, just like this little girl, slurp greedily, clinging steadfastly on the very thing that will destroy us. We change our gait, and walk slowly and surely. And while our arms get sore, fingers smart, and thumbs swell, you say: “I”m almost there. I can make it on my own. And besides, I just can’t just give my life away.”

You start thinking: “I will never see it again. I will lose all control. And…I will never be happy then.”

When you’re actually saying: “I can’t trust any other person with my life. I can’t hand over everything to someone I can’t see. I can’t handle the uncertainty. I can”t handle the possibility of failure.”

Selfishly, willfully, pridefully, we continue to take these steps.

And yet all the while, God, Our Father, walks alongside us, watching our every move. Making sure we don’t slip, or crash, or fall. He walks quietly, carefully alongside us, waiting for us to give it up, and give it all for Him to carry.

He made us.

He knows our limits.

He knows what we can or can not handle.

God can take care of us.

Only if we allow Him.

God’s constant presence in our lives speaks volumes of truth.

We can hand everything over to Him because He is an all-powerful, and all seeing God. God knows the end from the beginning. He can prepare us for the future and save us from the memory of our mistakes.

We can trust Him because He is good, and takes care of the birds, how much more us?

We can cast our burdens on Him, because God fills the WHOLE UNIVERSE. God is BIGGER and STRONGER than we could ever imagine. He can handle and solve any problem, any challenge, any life that is given to Him.

God can not fail, because everything God does is a masterpiece. Look at the universe. Perfection! God also has your best interest at heart, and would never allow evil to conquer you, His prized creation. Everything God created is good, complete, and a masterpiece…including you.

If you are in a place where you feel it is too late for God to fix your problems, that you have lived too long ‘like this’ for God to fix it–you’re wrong. God loves you. God can fix any problem or life in an instant.

So, instead of allowing you to carry your burdens, frayed life and mind, God created a better plan:


You hand over everything to Him, asking Him to help you, asking Him to take your burdens, and take care of you, and He will help you.

If you feel that if you give it away you will lose your independence, your autonomy, your freedom, your acknowledgement of self pride and strength…’s not true.

He did not go through the hardships of life here on earth for nothing. He did not suffer persecution for nothing. He did get nailed to a cross, and hang there for three hours in vain.

He did not go to hell for nothing.


He went to hell and back for who? You.


That’s right.


You were that important to God that He sent a replacement to prevent you from ever going through shame, pain, and death.

And you were not created to bear the burdens you carry. You were not created to pretend you have it all together. You were not created to just survive! You were created and ransomed to live a life of freedom, grace, and truth.

You were created to live. So give it all to Him.

And live.

He alone can create something new out of your surrender.

God can.

So, why don’t you ask Him?

Ask Him to take it.

Try Him.

Because He will never fail you.

Thanks for reading.

Until next time friends,

Hand it over to him. Trust. He won’t ever let you down.

I love you,


The Reason

Why does the attack come?

Why is there so much trouble in my life?

And you have been doing all the right things.


Seeking God actively.

But you are not seeing the breakthrough

The come through that you were anticipating.

And you feel like this is hopeless.

Why am I being targeted anyway?


In the midst of it all, it is for a purpose.

Even if you don’t understand.

The attack is Satan’s greatest tool aganist you.

And the reason is because The Lord has more in store for you than you can even imagine. His plans for you are to prosper you and bless you.

But satan wants to derail us from that plan.

He wants to steal your joy.

And steal your inheritance.

And yet, we all still think God is responsible.

Because we fail to realize:

“Sometimes Satan is more aware of who you are

Than you are of yourself.”–TD Jakes

Watch this video.

It will bless you. Share your thoughts below about what this video means to you.

I love you all,

God bless you & goodnight.


Set A Mark

Have you ever heard the term: “set your mark?

It usually means to leave a lasting impression on those who are in your life.

I was listening to a Instagram live of a motivational minister Devon Franklin and was inspired to go deeper into what it means to be called out, and marked for God to set a mark for Him.

To set a mark God’s way is to transform their perception of life by being who God made you to be. To set a mark is to set a high standard of living based on you embracing God’s standard of living. Not bowing to the low standards of the world and becoming all God has desired for you to be by reading, listening and doing the instructions of life that will help you succeed in His Word.

Being light in a dark world. Shining for the world to see. Being a blessing when all others want to do is curse.
Loving others even when they seem unlovable.

It goes deeper than that.

You can’t set a mark without being set apart.

You can’t set a mark for God in this dying and decaying world without being set apart by Him first.

You can’t set a mark while trying to be like everyone else. You have to own the individual soul God made YOU to be.
That includes being different. And that means being set apart for God’s purpose.

What does that mean? To be set apart?
It means to be marked by God. When your marked by God you are chosen, distinguished and created for a specific assignment, purpose and function for the glory of God and the expanding if His Kingdom of life and love.

“For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them.“-Ephesians 2:10

In other words, you were created to be set aside for a purpose so grand, so beautiful, so beyond your wildest dreams that would not only give glory to God but draw people to Him, into His Love, into the Family of God. You were created to make a difference in this dying world

As you allow God to set you apart by marking you with His Spirit, which reveals and develops God’s character in you, you begin to mark others with God’s Word, God’s Light, His truth.
This opens their eyes to the joy and wonder that comes from being God’s child and will, if they are willing, cause them to seek the only God where you find who you truly are and the purpose of your existence.

Being set apart comes with a price.
Being set apart also means you will be alienated from the world. People may be jealous of your light. Some will be put off by your witness, testimony and confidence in who God made you to be.
Being all God made you to be convicts others to seek God to be all He made them to be.
Also, being light in a dark world, and salt in a lost and decaying world can be strange and scary to those who may be dying themselves. Truth convicts lies to see. And love always convicts hate to turn. As God marks you by His Spirit, you develop his characteristics. We call it the fruit of the spirit.

“But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, Meekness, temperance: against such there is no law.“–Galatians 5:22-23

Setting a mark comes with a price also. You will always be pushing the envelope. You will always be fighting aganist the powers of darkness. You will always be stretched. Marking others God has placed before you, even if they are unlovable in our eyes, even if they hate us, with His Love. It will always keep you humble. It will keep you working toward a greater goal. Others will hate you because you ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE. It challenges them to examine their lives and wonder if they are even scratching the surface of influence to what it means to be alive in the truth.

God setting a mark on you also visibly draws the devil to attack you. He hates God. And hates you because you are just like Him now. But the good thing is God promises those who suffer for His namesake will be rewarded with His power and His strength to go through it.
Those who endure persecution for Christ sake will be counted worthy to also inherit glory with Him.

“For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory that is to be revealed to us” –Romans 8:18

God also promises to never leave you in the hands of Satan when you are being persuected for just being set apart and marked by God.

“The LORD will not leave him in his hand, nor condemn him when he is judged.” –Psalm 37:33

Being set apart as a believer is one thing.
But to be set apart as believer owning and embracing the individual gifts, characteristics and personality, God has made you to be in Him is another.
There is going to be opposition to being who God made you to be. Even among those who say they are Christians because it provokes them to examine who God made them to be.
Are you eying to be a carbon copy of someone else? Even out of good intentions we strive to find out who is doing Gods will and formulating our lives around their good deeds for Christ.

Even the best believer can not replace you.

No one person is the same. And God intended for it to be this way. God wants us to be able to explore and find out from Him who He has destined us to be and go and share His Light and His Love to others around us in our own flavor.

There is a process to becoming set apart.

It may take sometime to fully come into all He has for you.
You begin by abandoning the things of this world. You are constantly challenged by God’s word to renew and restore your mind.

It may take sometime to fully know what He has for you.

It may take time, depending on your willingness, to break the lies and chains of comparison and submit to the Lord and humble yourself before Him.

“But he giveth more grace. Wherefore he saith, God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace unto the humble.”–James 4:6


“Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and he shall lift you up.”–James 4:20

That time of setting apart will be lonely sometimes, because you think you are the only one going through it.

But you are not alone. I went through it and I came through knowing with greater depth and joy the person The Lord creates me to be and the destiny He has for me.

I know many reading this have too. So fight to become all God made you to be. Don’t allow yourself to become stuck with who everyone else is. And be conformed to this world. Instead renew your mind with Gods Word so you can understand and realize and become all God made you to be.

It says in Romans 12:2,

And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect.

So, go ahead. Shine for God in your own way.
Shake God’s Word all over the place in the space, shade and style God has called you to do it.
And set your mark.
Set your mark of God s Love
Set a mark of holy living and truth that convicts and suprises those around you.
Never settle. Cause it will cost you.

Don’t lower yourself to the world’s typical standard. Let Gods high mark, high standards for living a fulfilling life live in you.
Don’t take your grace or gifts for granted. Nor neglect the gifts God has given you.
Don’t engage in foul language or behavior that will cause others to walk away from The Lord Jesus.
Don’t try to be like everyone else because you will be like everyone else in the world. Lost and purposeless.
Set yourself and let God use your life for His Glory.
Renew mind with God’s Word and continue to follow the best God has for your life (Romans 12:1-2).

Never leave anywhere without leaving a mark for God.

Set your mark. Set a high mark. Set your mark for Him.

Be brave. Be you. Be creative..Be Who God made You to be.

I pray for courage as we become all you have made us to be. Help your people renew their minds so they can see who they are and go to war with darkness, with your Spirits help, to fight, cut off, and finally stand, and embrace all You created us to be. Give your people all over the world renewed confidence,faith, grace, peace and strength so we can place our fears in your hands, abandoning them once and for all. And go after the dreams you place on the inside of us, not afraid to shine in the dark for you. Help us to constantly leave a legacy of light and love for those who can’t see. And God, I pray that are hearts for those around us leave a mark, set a mark, for Your Glory.

Thank you Lord.

In Jesus Name.


Happy Saturday,

Let God’s peace guard your heart and mind as you become all He has made you to be.

I love you all in Christ.


Let’s Dance!!

“Release Your favor Lord, let it rain on me
Release Your power Lord, let it rain on me
Release Your glory Lord, let it rain on me
Let it rain, Let it rain

Jump and dance in the rain!”– “Dance in the Rain (Jump and Dance) by Todd Dulaney

Let Your Holy Spirit pour out His Love On us.

Let Your Spirit rain on us!

Let your Spirit takes us to higher heights of authority and power.

Let it rain, Father!

Let it rain on us!

You said if we call upon you in the day of trouble,

You will answer! (Psalm 50:12, Psalm 90:15)

You said to ask You for the latter rain and you will give it to us, (Zechariah 10:1).

You said if we ask You for bread would you give us a stone? (Matthew 7:9, Luke 11:11).

God, I call out to you in the day of trouble.

Our world needs your help!

So come and rain on us Your Power,

Your Glory, that we may dance in it before The Lord.

So that we may sing and clap that all the world will look, see, consider and know that it was You oh Lord who has done this and You alone that should be praised (Isaiah 41:20).

Let Gods Favor rain on us! This song has been in my heart for a couple of days, so I share it hear with you. Let it rain! Sing a new song in your heart and get ready for the downpour! Take courage God’s got this all worked out! Dance in the river of joy and find favor in His fountain of life and peace! Let it rain on us! And dance in it friends!

We are asking for His latter rain, God will bless us with it!

Expect the downpour to come! Look up your salvation draws near. Look up and see He has already prepared and provided for you! God is good! Expect the downpour to come! Come Lord Jesus, Come!

Scripture references:

Psalm 50:12, Psalm 90:15, Luke 11:11, Isaiah 41:20.